TV Ears

tv ears

Introducing the Doctor recommended TV Ears Wireless Headset! TV Ears is a new way to enjoy listening to the television at your own level without disturbing others. While the TV Ears are in use, the television volume can be lowered, or even muted, without affecting the TV Ears volume – making it convenient for everyone. TV Ears are [...]

South African Horn Poses Hearing Damage Risk to World Cup Fans


At the 2010 World Cup, the South African football fans’ instrument of choice was the vuvuzela horn, which caused controversy before the World Cup even began. The horn concerned authorities, because their excessive volume could have prevented people from hearing important announcements, for example if one of the stadiums had needed to be evacuated. Now, new testing [...]

iSolate™ nanotech


The temperature and humidity levels in our ear canals can be problematic, often creating an environment for bad bacteria as well as an undesirable environment for hearing instruments. Since we do not have the ability to control these humidity levels in our ears, anything placed into our ears needs to be able to withstand these conditions. Each time [...]

Starkey’s OtoLens (Micro-tech’s HearLens) – Advanced Digital Processing That’s Truly Invisible

Starkey OtoLens Micro-tech HearLens

The OtoLens is a new and unique style of hearing aid – it is the first digital hearing aid that is completely invisible in the ear canal featuring the technology and signal processing of the S Series iQ. The new noise reduction and speech preservation system in the S Series iQ is designed to reduce [...]

Cleaning A Slim Tube BTE Hearing Aid

Transcript: So, to clean a Slim Tube BTE like this one, this is a ReSound Air, you need to use a very small wire. This wire should have come with your hearing aid – if it didn’t talk to your Audiologist. It doesn’t take much wax to plug up this tube here and make it [...]

Changing A DOT Hearing Aid Wax Guard

Transcript: From time to time, you need to change the wax guard – behind the tip of the hearing aid. You do that by removing the tip – it’s just like a sock or a sleeve – it comes right off. Then you can see the ring. In this case it’s a red ring, because [...]

Cleaning a DOT Hearing Aid

Transcript: Okay so, a lot of different hearing aids come with a cleaning tool. This is probably the most popular style. There’s 3 parts to this cleaning tool. You have a brushed end, you have a wax loop, and you also have a magnet on the end. We’re gonna demonstrate on a DOT hearing aid [...]

Harmony Hearing & Audiology TV Spot

Transcript: My hearing aid has changed my life entirely. I thought that the technology was very helpful in getting the right hearing aid for me. I had been to other places and the technology was not as advanced as it was here at Harmony Hearing. Dr. Perry is knowledgeable, but he’s also very personable. He’s [...]

Introduction to Harmony Hearing & Audiology

Transcript: Hi, this is Dr. Matt Perry, audiologist and owner of Harmony Hearing & Audiology in the Festival at Bel Air. If you’re like most people who stumble upon this website, you – or perhaps a loved one – is experiencing some degree of hearing difficulty and you’re looking for some answers. Well, if you [...]