Oticon Alta Hearing Aid Promises “Personalized” Sound Experience

Oticon Alta Hearing Aid

It looks like Oticon’s next big thing is called the “Alta”. It hasn’t appeared on the U.S. website yet (as of this writing), but from what I’ve gathered from Oticon’s worldwide site, it looks intriguing. Of course, it includes the next generation of advanced hearing aid technologies wrapped in fancy names: “Speech Guard E”, “Spatial [...]

Harford County Aegis “Ask A Doctor” – I recently saw the Lyric hearing device on The Today Show. Is that a good device?

Q: I recently saw the Lyric hearing device on The Today Show. Is that a good device? A: I love Lyric, and people who wear it love it, but it’s not for everyone. You need to have the right kind of hearing loss and the right size ear. It truly is revolutionary though. Unlike other [...]

ReSound Alera with Wireless Connectivity

ReSound Alera Unite Remote

ReSound recently introduced their new Alera hearing aids. The Alera hearing aids will provide wireless connectivity directly with mobile phones and television sets equipped with ReSound’s new Unite assistive listening device (ALD) accessories. The hearing aids communicate with the Unite accessories at 2.4 GHz for better transmission speeds and distance. This new technology eliminates the [...]

iSolate™ nanotech


The temperature and humidity levels in our ear canals can be problematic, often creating an environment for bad bacteria as well as an undesirable environment for hearing instruments. Since we do not have the ability to control these humidity levels in our ears, anything placed into our ears needs to be able to withstand these conditions. Each time [...]

Starkey’s OtoLens (Micro-tech’s HearLens) – Advanced Digital Processing That’s Truly Invisible

Starkey OtoLens Micro-tech HearLens

The OtoLens is a new and unique style of hearing aid – it is the first digital hearing aid that is completely invisible in the ear canal featuring the technology and signal processing of the S Series iQ. The new noise reduction and speech preservation system in the S Series iQ is designed to reduce [...]

Siemens ePen Gets Design Award

Siemens ePen

Siemens received the Red Dot Product Design Award for its hearing instrument remote control called the ePen. The ePen is a remote control for Siemens hearing aids that is shaped like a fountain pen. The ePen allows hearing aid wearers to discreetly adjust the volume and listening programs. The ePen works with Siemens Life, Pure, [...]

SONIC Innovations Touch Wins CES Award

Sonic innovations Touch

Touch by SONIC Innovations won a Best of Innovations Award this past January at the 2010 International Consumer Electronic Show. Touch is a small, stylish solution for people who want to get back in touch with a world full of vibrant sound. It was the Touch microRIC (receiver in the canal) that was named a [...]

Micro-tech Axio im32 Hearing Aid

Micro-tech im32

Micro-tech Axio im32 hearing aid can automatically adjust instantly to different listening environments without feedback while filtering out background noise.  It features Impulse Technology, Micro-tech’s advanced technology which offers comfortable, clear sound with smoother, seamless transitions between quiet and loud environments. Axio’s Pure Wave Feedback Eliminator allows for strategic feedback control.  Micro-tech’s T2 technology will let [...]

GN ReSound dot2 (squared) Hearing Aid


The dot2 (squared) hearing device by GN ReSound is designed to be sleek and tiny to hide behind your ears so nobody else will see it.  The lightweight dot2 (squared) weighs almost as much as a paper clip.  Don’t let it’s diminutive size mislead you though, it is a powerful advanced digital hearing aid that [...]

GN ReSound Live Hearing Aid


GN ReSound, a leading manufacturer for hearing aids, unveiled it’s new Live hearing device this past year.  The Live has an innovative surround sound processor which distinguishes bass and treble separately, and then blends them into a smooth overall sound.  The new device also features advanced directional technology and feedback suppression system with Whistle Control.  [...]