Starkey’s OtoLens (Micro-tech’s HearLens) – Advanced Digital Processing That’s Truly Invisible

Starkey OtoLens Micro-tech HearLens

The OtoLens is a new and unique style of hearing aid – it is the first digital hearing aid that is completely invisible in the ear canal featuring the technology and signal processing of the S Series iQ. The new noise reduction and speech preservation system in the S Series iQ is designed to reduce [...]

Micro-tech Axio im32 Hearing Aid

Micro-tech im32

Micro-tech Axio im32 hearing aid can automatically adjust instantly to different listening environments without feedback while filtering out background noise.  It features Impulse Technology, Micro-tech’s advanced technology which offers comfortable, clear sound with smoother, seamless transitions between quiet and loud environments. Axio’s Pure Wave Feedback Eliminator allows for strategic feedback control.  Micro-tech’s T2 technology will let [...]