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Cleaning a DOT Hearing Aid


Okay so, a lot of different hearing aids come with a cleaning tool.
This is probably the most popular style. There’s 3 parts to this cleaning tool.
You have a brushed end, you have a wax loop, and you also have a magnet on the end.
We’re gonna demonstrate on a DOT hearing aid here first.
To use the brush, just brush over the tip of the hearing aid and any kind of wax that’s on there should come right off.
You can use the wax loop on the tip – right there. You don’t want to dig deep, at least on a DOT hearing aid, because you could poke through the wax guard that’s back there.
But just dig in nice and shallow – probably a little less than 1/8 of an inch and you get out any wax that’s in there and then you have the magnet and the magnet is designed to help you change the battery. If you have very large fingers it can help out sometimes – depending on the model.
The DOT isn’t the most convenient one to use the magent with – you kind of have to slip it there on the side. But then it allows you to get the battery in the door without having to fumble with it.