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Micro-tech Axio im32 Hearing Aid

Micro-tech Axio im32 hearing aid can automatically adjust instantly to different listening environments without feedback while filtering out background noise.  It features Impulse Technology, Micro-tech’s advanced technology which offers comfortable, clear sound with smoother, seamless transitions between quiet and loud environments. Axio’s Pure Wave Feedback Eliminator allows for strategic feedback control. 

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GN ReSound dot2 (squared) Hearing Aid

The dot2 (squared) hearing device by GN ReSound is designed to be sleek and tiny to hide behind your ears so nobody else will see it.  The lightweight dot2 (squared) weighs almost as much as a paper clip.  Don’t let it’s diminutive size mislead you though, it is a powerful

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GN ReSound Live Hearing Aid

GN ReSound, a leading manufacturer for hearing aids, unveiled it’s new Live hearing device this past year.  The Live has an innovative surround sound processor which distinguishes bass and treble separately, and then blends them into a smooth overall sound.  The new device also features advanced directional technology and feedback

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