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Changing A DOT Hearing Aid Wax Guard


From time to time, you need to change the wax guard – behind the tip of the hearing aid.
You do that by removing the tip – it’s just like a sock or a sleeve – it comes right off. Then you can see the ring. In this case it’s a red ring, because it’s a right hearing aid. It may be a blue ring if it’s a left hearing aid.
So, to get out the old ring, you take the tool right here – you use the treaded end. Give it a little twist to pull out the old wax guard – it comes right out. Flip it over, dial in a new tip. Poke it and it grabs onto the tool and then just slip it into place.
When you pull it out, it’s installed correctly. And all you have to do it take your tip and slide it back on – make sure it’s all the way back on. If it’s not all the way back on, it might get stuck in your ear next time you take out the hearing aid.
Push it all the way back on and you’re good to go.