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TV Ears

Introducing the Doctor recommended TV Ears Wireless Headset! TV Ears is a new way to enjoy listening to the television at your own level without disturbing others. While the TV Ears are in use, the television volume can be lowered, or even muted, without affecting the TV Ears volume – making it convenient for everyone.

TV Ears are designed for maximum comfort with soft, self-molding ear tips that create an acoustically sealed chamber for the ear, reducing room noise and providing unparalleled clarity making television dialogue clearer and understandable. Voice Clarifying Circuitry found in every TV Ears product manipulates high frequency sounds – making the hard-to-ear words and whispers seem to jump out of the screen. This 1.6 ounce light-weight unit rests under the chin rather than over the head – not messing up your hair or putting pressure on your ears. TV Ears has convenient volume and tone controls with 120 dB of power, making it strong enough for people with hearing loss. This means less interference when watching your favorite drama, comedy, or news program.


The TV Ears product is able to work with just about any television set which includes HD TV, Digital, cable, and even satellite. There are many models available with different options. Pricing on TV Ears products ranges from $50 to $200.

Audiologists nation wide recommend TV Ears! TV Ears have helped thousands of people with hearing loss hear their televisions clearly without turning up the volume.

If your family members are constantly asking you to turn down the volume on your television or you just struggle to hear the TV, then TV Ears is your listening solution!