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Harford County Aegis “Ask A Doctor” – What’s the difference between an “audiologist” and an “audioprostologist”?

Q: What’s the difference between an “audiologist” and an “audioprostologist”?

A: There are basically two different types of professionals that dispense hearing aids – audiologists and hearing instrument specialists.  “Audiologists” are university-educated clinicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing and balance disorders.  An audiologist holds either a Masters or Doctorate of Audiology from a university.  A “hearing instrument specialist” is also licensed and trained to dispense hearing aids, but typically holds no university degree in audiology or hearing sciences.  During recent years, the term “audioprostologist” has been used by some hearing instrument specialists – sometimes to indicate that they have completed an additional level of training.  Its use is controversial, with some professional organizations stating that the term “audioprostologist” was created to mislead consumers into thinking they are seeing an actual audiologist as opposed to a hearing instrument specialist.

Answered by Dr. Matt Perry, Au.D. – audiologist and owner of Harmony Hearing & Audiology, located in Festival at Bel Air, 5 Bel Air S Pkwy, Ste. 1411, Bel Air, MD 21015 – (410)569-5999