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Phonak H20- Phonak’s Water Resistant Hearing Aids

Phonak's water resistent hearing aid
Phonak’s water resistent hearing aid

Phonak recently developed a water resistant product line called the Phonak H20 that reached an IP67 rating meaning it “was not damaged beyond repair” after being tested in a dust chamber for 8 continuous hours or being submerged under 3 feet of water for 30 minutes.  Phonak is one of only two hearing aid manufacturers (also see our Siemens Aquaris blog post) that is actually encouraging you to get your hearing aids wet!

Phonak’s H20 water resistant line is available in several different levels of technology making this line accessible for most budgets.  These levels of technology include the versatile Phonak M H20 that’s available in three different price points (the Phonak Solana M H20, the Ambra M H20, and the Cassia M H20), the Phonak Naida S CRT (a line of power hearing aids), and the Phonak Nios S H20 that is also offered at two different price points (the Phonak Nios S III and the Nios S V).

Don’t worry if all these different hearing aid options leaves you questioning which one is right for you- your audiologist will help you decide that! If wearing your hearing aids while you splash around in the pool this summer sounds intriguing to you, just ask your audiologist for more information about the Phonak H20 line!