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Starkey Wi Hearing Aids

Starkey WiStarkey has a wireless hearing aid called the Starkey Wi. Being wireless, Wi hearing aids have the ability to communicate with one another meaning you can press the program or volume control button on only one of the hearing aids and both hearing aids will react (provided that you have a hearing aid in both ears).  These hearing aids can also connect wirelessly to an accessory called the SurfLink.  The Starkey SurfLink has the ability to stream the TV, radio, or sounds from your computer in stereo directly into your hearing aids.  This allows you to listen at a volume that is comfortable for you (as loud as you prefer) without disrupting the other people that may also be listening with you.  These Wi hearing aids are available at several price points/models including the Wi 70 (entry level), Wi 90 (mid level), and Wi 110 (high end).  Each of these models come in various styles that can either be custom molded for your ear or as a receiver in the canal style hearing aid.