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This Just In: Man Has Hearing Aids Stolen Along With Small Bag of Golf Balls and Tees

Golf BagOf course, the best place to keep your hearing aids is in your ears. But if they’re not in your ears, we always recommend putting them in an actual case. It’s unfortunately fairly common for someone to take out their hearing aids and put them in a tissue, to protect them. But that’s risky, because crumpled up tissue usually ends up in the trash.

When I saw this, I couldn’t resist commenting on it:

I’ve never heard of keeping your hearing aids in a bag with your golf balls and tees – but apparently, that’s risky too. The Sacramento Bee just reported:

“On the Fourth of July somebody impeded a golfer at Sun City from hearing “Fore!” when a small bag of golf balls, tees and hearing aids was stolen from a golf cart.”

Read it direct from the source here.