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Aberdeen Hearing Aid Patients

"My new hearing aid is great. I don’t even know it’s in there. Compared to my older hearing aid, it’s heaven. People can’t believe how small it is. Friends and relatives can’t believe it. They’re saying, “I can’t believe he heard that.”

I’m finally able to understand what my grandkids are saying. TV’s great. My wife is happy too. If I hadn’t gotten the hearing aid, I think I would have been in trouble. Overall, I can’t ask for anything better than I have now."
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Ed L.
Abingdon, MD 21009
"Compared to other offices I've been to, Harmony Hearing & Audiology is different in how they care for their patient. They are honest in their service and they spend the time to explain and show me on the computer just how things work in the ear. They were able to get me hearing in a correct manner and make sure my hearing aids were communicating with each other.

My hearing aids make all the difference in the world. I can hear the birds sing in the distance now. You really don't know how bad your hearing is until you have the hearing aids."
Audrey K.
Aberdeen, MD 21001
I think everyone should go see "Dr. Matt" at the Festival in Bel Air. I can now hear what my boss is saying during meetings at work.

Harmony Hearing is different from the other places I've been because all the first year appointments and services are included in the price of your hearing aid.Dr. Perry has the finest equipment to get the hearing aids just right. It is a wise investment.
Mike L.
Aberdeen, MD 21001