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Motorcycle Riding Can Cause Permanent Hearing Loss

Recently a friend told me his ears were ringing after he rode his motorcycle, and that he has noticed a change in his hearing since he has been riding. Also he mentioned that he should wear his helmet. However wearing a helmet may only lower the noise by 3 decibels,

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Musician Ear Protection

As a music enthusiast what would you do if you lost your hearing? Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a permanent condition. Harmful levels of environmental noise can damage the sensory hair cells in your inner ear that convert sound energy into electrical signals that travel to the brain, and they

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Siemens ePen Gets Design Award

Siemens received the Red Dot Product Design Award for its hearing instrument remote control called the ePen. The ePen is a remote control for Siemens hearing aids that is shaped like a fountain pen. The ePen allows hearing aid wearers to discreetly adjust the volume and listening programs. The ePen

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Wireless Communication – The Next Wave in Hearing Aids

Having just returned from the American Academy of Audiology annual convention, it appears that the latest advancements in hearing aid technology are focused on wireless communication.  However, manufacturers such as Oticon, Phonak, Siemens and Unitron have been offering some wireless accessories for a while.  Later this year, ReSound and Starkey

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What Is Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss or hearing impairment is the diminished ability to hear sounds. Degree of impairment can vary widely. Hearing loss can occur suddenly or gradually over time. The Journal of the American Medical Association states that hearing loss is the third most prevalent chronic condition in older Americans. JAMA also

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Airplane Ears

Ear pain caused by pressure changes when taking off or landing in an airplane is known as ear barotrauma, barotitis media, aerotitis media, or “airplane ears”. In order for your eardrum to vibrate normally, the air pressure in the middle ear has to be the same as the air pressure

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