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Bel Air Hearing Aid Patients

"Dr. Perry is not just a hearing aid salesman, but a Doctor of Audiology. He personally cares about the hearing of his patients. I feel very comfortable in his care. I have been wearing hearing aids for over 20 years.

I had been going to an office about 20 miles from my home but still had frequent feedback in both ears. I would visit the office and he would put the aids in a little box on his desk, make some adjustments and give them back and ask, “How is that?”. In that small, quiet office they seemed fine, but soon after I left they would continue to have feedback. If they stopped working he would look at them and say “I will have to send them in for repair”. I would get them back in a week or two.

When Dr. Perry opened Harmony Hearing & Audiology within two miles of my home it was like stepping into a new world. First we tried the new aids that are nearly invisible. I didn’t like them, so he took them back. He checked my old aids that I had been wearing for years and found one was not salvageable, which we replaced. The other was fine and he kept it operating by cleaning or adjusting it in his office for a couple of years. He never tried to talk me into buying the second aid. I now live with no feedback in either ear. Without my hearing aids I would not be able to function properly."
Jacob C.
Bel Air, MD 21015
"I would highly recommend your services to any of my friends who were experiencing a hearing problem. You offer very comprehensive and cutting edge technical advice so that I felt like you understood my issues and provided the correct solution to my hearing loss.

I now hear things I hadn’t heard in years and I am able to perform my work much more easily. Now I rarely have to ask people to repeat what they said. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by my experience.

I would say that if someone was unhappy with the service they receive elsewhere, they should pay a visit to Harmony Hearing. After one visit, they won’t go back to their previous hearing center. You work hard to make your patients’ quality of life much better. Thank you."
Ester T.
Bel Air, MD 21015
"My experience was outstanding! I recommend making an appointment and being tested and fitted for hearing aids, if they are needed. Hearing aids have improved my ability to hear high frequency noises and speech.

Harmony Hearing is far superior to other organizations that I have previously experienced. I think if you are considering hearing aids you should at least come in and talk to Dr. Perry to determine what he can do to improve and overcome the hearing loss being experienced."
Eric K.
Bel Air, MD 21015
"Harmony Hearing is fantastic! What are you waiting for? My hearing aids have greatly improved my quality of life. Especially when I’m listening to music and in muted conversations. If anyone is considering contacting Harmony Hearing, just call me and I’ll tell you how marvelous it will be for you!"
Sterling S.
Bel Air, MD 21015