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Fallston Hearing Aid Patients

"I have had a very good experience with Harmony Hearing & Audiology. They provided an excellent product that met my needs. They also are very responsive to my questions and work with me to ensure that the product is tailored to my physiological and lifestyle peculiarities.

If a person is considering seeking professional help with their hearing health care go to Harmony Hearing & Audiology first. Dr. Perry will diagnose the cause of your complaints. If another specialist is needed, he’ll immediately inform you of what type of specialized help you need. He will fully explain what might cause your symptoms and the best way to resolve them. You will leave informed and in most cases with an excellent treatment plan.

My Resound Red Dot hearing aids have significantly improved my quality of life, just ask my wife. They are not perfect, as eye glasses and dentures are not, but these hearing aids help me to understand what people are saying to me. There is a real difference between helping one understand what people say and amplifying sound.

Harmony Hearing & Audiology provides much better service to me than my previous hearing aid/audiologist did. Dr. Perry gives me visibility into what he is doing when he adjusts the hearing aid that I had never had before. Dr. Perry does not just treat my symptoms but he analyzes the complaint and determines the root cause and treats that."
John D.
Fallston, MD 21047
I’m going to tell everyone about my experience with Dr. Perry at Harmony Hearing. He is awesome! He is very friendly and very professional.

I highly recommend Dr. Perry.
Linda C.
Fallston, MD 21047