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Hearing Aid Maintenance

Think about it: A hearing aid is a sophisticated piece of electronics – that you keep inside your ear! It’s hot, moist, and waxy in there! Needless to say, it’s not an ideal environment for electronics, and your hearing aids need proper maintenance to remain in good condition.


Enemy Number One of hearing aids is earwax. To prevent repairs, routine cleaning is required. Just as you see the dentist every 6 months to have your teeth cleaned, hearing aids should be professionally cleaned every 6 months as well. We use a vacuum system and special chemicals to clean debris from the receiver and microphone that cannot be removed with consumer cleaning tools.


Occasionally hearing aids need to be repaired. Most often, failure is caused by debris or moisture ending up where it shouldn’t. If the hearing aid is under warranty and needs repair, we will send it back to the manufacturer to be serviced free-of-charge. If it is out-of-warranty, depending on the problem, we will either repair it in-house or send it away to be repaired for a reasonable fee.


Sometimes the problem with a hearing aid isn’t that it doesn’t SOUND right, it’s that it doesn’t FEEL right. We use shell and earmold modification equipment to change the shape of a hearing aid if needed. We can also repair small holes in the shell and add/replace removal lines.