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Wholesale Battery Club

Wholesale Hearing Aid BatteriesYou’re invited to join our
Wholesale Hearing Aid Battery Club!

A lot of stores sell hearing aid batteries: Pharmacies, Grocery Stores, Wal-mart, Target, Radio Shack, etc.  But you can save hundreds of dollars over the life of your hearing aids by purchasing your batteries through our wholesale battery club.  Here’s what you do:

  1. Sign Up for FREE and receive your club card by visiting our office in Festival at Bel Air
  2. Buy your hearing aid batteries from us at wholesale prices.
  3. Use your club card and every 11th pack of hearing aid batteries is free.

We only dispense high-quality, American-made hearing aid batteries.  And since we go through so many of them, they’re always fresh.  Fresh batteries last longer.

Our wholesale battery prices are usually between $.40 and $.50 per battery.  But the more we buy from the distributors, the cheaper the wholesale pricing.  So spread the word! There really is no reason to buy from anywhere else.

Wholesale Hearing Aid Batteries

Wholesale Batter Club FAQs

Why would any business choose to sell hearing aid batteries without making a profit?

Our business is hearing healthcare.  We started our wholesale battery club as a service to our existing hearing aid patients.  But we quickly learned that it was a great way to meet hearing aid users who are not yet our patients.  Some of our favorite patients started out as wholesale battery club members.

Will you ship your batteries to me?

Sorry.  Our wholesale hearing aid battery club is for local patrons only.  They must be purchased in person, at our office.

How do your prices compare to online hearing aid battery suppliers?

Our battery prices are very comparable to the online hearing aid battery websites – without the shipping costs.  The biggest difference though is the freshness of our batteries.  A lot of websites dispense the batteries that the large retail stores are unable to sell.  This usually means they’ve been sitting around for a few years, and they aren’t going to last as long as fresh batteries.

What about BJ’s and Costco?

It’s true that big-box retailers have a lot more wholesale buying power than we do.  But they’re still in the business of making a profit selling batteries.  Our business is hearing healthcare.  We don’t need to make a profit from our batteries.  Therefore, our prices are usually lower.