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Cleaning A Slim Tube BTE Hearing Aid


So, to clean a Slim Tube BTE like this one, this is a ReSound Air, you need to use a very small wire. This wire should have come with your hearing aid – if it didn’t talk to your Audiologist. It doesn’t take much wax to plug up this tube here and make it so you can’t hear anymore.
So, periodically you’ll need to run this wire through. To run it through on this hearing aid, you give it a quarter turn and then pull it straight out and you can get the tubing off.
Some models are a little bit different. And you want to run the wire from the back of the tubing straight through – it’s just like threading a needle and it goes right through there and comes out the tip.
Any type of debree that was inside that tube doesn’t stand a chance now and it’ll come out clean. Then, when you put it back on you should be able to hear again and you’re in good shape.