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Starkey’s OtoLens (Micro-tech’s HearLens) – Advanced Digital Processing That’s Truly Invisible

Starkey OtoLens Micro-tech HearLensThe OtoLens is a new and unique style of hearing aid – it is the first digital hearing aid that is completely invisible in the ear canal featuring the technology and signal processing of the S Series iQ.

The new noise reduction and speech preservation system in the S Series iQ is designed to reduce noice between syllables of speech and can be a solution to the biggest problem that most wearers face with their hearing aids – hearing speech comfortably in noise. The Voice iQ feature is designed to keep speech volume up and push background noise down, which means that the wearer hears what they want to hear, like conversations, and not what they don’t want to hear, including wind and noise. Voice iQ is paired with Starkey’s feedback canceler, which is designed to virtually eliminate annoying whistling and buzzing, as well as other advanced features that administer superior performance, personalization and comfort.

OtoLens is a custom-molded hearing aid constructed using Starkey’s Comfort Fit process. The OtoLens resides in the second bend of the ear, which means that the OtoLens is truly 100% invisible and overcomes vanity concerns associated with other hearing aids. OtoLens is designed to be removed daily from the ear.

Dr. Perry says:

This is a nice hearing aid.  They’ve been marketing it as a competitive product to Lyric.  While there are some similarities, I still put them into different categories.  They’re both small and invisible, but OtoLens is essentially a really deep CIC – it’s not an “extended wear” hearing aid.  One of the biggest benefits of Lyric – if it works for you – is that it’s possible to actually forget about your hearing loss.  With OtoLens, you’re still taking it in and out daily and changing batteries.  However, it does have a more advanced signal processor and can potentially fit a greater percentage of ears.  Starkey’s OtoLens is also available through Micro-tech as HearLens.