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The ReSound Verso Hearing Aid

The GN ReSound Verso
Image borrowed from gnresound.com

The Verso hearing aid is ReSound’s newest hearing aid on the market. It is available in two different levels of technology: The ReSound Verso 7 (mid-level) and the Verso 9 (high-end). Some advancements in the these hearing aids include: improved sound quality of music, increased feedback control (meaning your hearing aids will be less likely to whistle unexpectedly), and better listening in background noise. The Verso 9 has something called “Binaural Fusion.” This means both of your hearing aids communicate with one another to automatically adjust the settings within your hearing aids and optimize your hearing ability no matter what environment you find yourself in. Don’t forget, the ReSound Verso’s are also wireless, so they can connect to all of ReSound’s wireless Unite accessories (that’s the Mini Mic, TV Streamer, Phone Clip, and Remote Control)!