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The Phonak RemoteMic is here…

The Phonak RemoteMic is a great solution to those Phonak hearing aid users who have difficulty listening to one-on-one conversations in noisy settings. In order for the RemoteMic to work with your Phonak hearings aids, you must wear the Phonak ComPilot around your neck. The RemoteMic is then clipped on your partner’s shirt, which will transmit their voice through the ComPilot into your Phonak hearing aids. This works great in loud restaurants, listening to lecturers, hearing your partner on the golf course, listening to your passenger while driving in the car, and many other challenging listening environments. The Phonak RemoteMic is able to transmit your partner’s voice from up to 20 meters away! Good news for all you existing Phonak Hearing Aid users- the RemoteMic is compatible with earlier model Phonak hearing aids. If you come up with another great use of the RemoteMic or want to give it a try for yourself, be sure to let us know!