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Hearing Aids and Health Insurance – Harford County Aegis “Ask a Doctor”

Q: Are hearing aids covered by health insurance?
A: As messed up as the health insurance industry currently is, hearing aid coverage is one of the most confusing aspects of an already confusing system.   Medicare typically covers hearing evaluations when performed by an audiologist, but Medicare doesn’t touch hearing aids themselves.  Other insurances sometimes advertise hearing aid benefits, but they may not cover the follow-up care and programming services, and they often limit their benefit to cover “basic” hearing aids only.  What’s considered “basic” by health insurances varies dramatically among plans.  Although some plans only pay a small amount towards hearing aids, patients usually have the right to apply that funding to whatever hearing aids they want and pay the difference – but not always.    Luckily, our staff has been fighting the fight for 6.5 years now, with the goal of maximizing health insurance coverage and minimizing patient costs.  So the best way to find out what’s really covered is to call us at 410-569-5999, and let us look into it for you.