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Tried Hearing Aids 5 Years Ago – Harford County Aegis, Ask a Doctor

Q: I briefly tried hearing aids five years ago, but didn’t like the way things sounded. Have hearing aids advanced enough to try again?


A: If you have untreated hearing loss, I definitely suggest you give it another try – but maybe not for the reasons you think. Like most electronics in your life, hearing aid technology advances quickly. Today’s entry-level hearing aids are better than the best hearing aids from just a few years ago.



However, contrary to the claims of manufacture ads, the product itself isn’t what makes or breaks your experience – it’s the way that product is programmed and used. That part depends on the professionals you choose to work with.



Unfortunately, the necessary equipment, education, skills, and desire (most importantly) to expertly program hearing aids don’t automatically come with the license to dispense them.



Chances are, the hearing aids you didn’t like before, could have been programmed differently, and you would have had a better experience. It’s all about applying the best possible programming (for you) to the best possible hearing technology (for you). That’s when the magic happens.