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The Phonak RemoteMic is here…

The Phonak RemoteMic is a great solution to those Phonak hearing aid users who have difficulty listening to one-on-one conversations in noisy settings. In order for the RemoteMic to work with your Phonak hearings aids, you must wear the Phonak ComPilot around your neck. The RemoteMic is then clipped on

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Phonak H20- Phonak’s Water Resistant Hearing Aids

Phonak recently developed a water resistant product line called the Phonak H20 that reached an IP67 rating meaning it “was not damaged beyond repair” after being tested in a dust chamber for 8 continuous hours or being submerged under 3 feet of water for 30 minutes.  Phonak is one of

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The Phonak Nano

Hot off the press is the Phonak Nano.  The Nano is Phonak’s smallest custom hearing aid.  It’s available in two levels of technology- the Phonak Ambra Nano (high end) and the Phonak Solana Nano (mid level).  Comparable to Starkey’s SoundLens, the Phonak Nano rests deeply in the ear canal (deeper

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