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Cleaning A Slim Tube BTE Hearing Aid

Transcript: So, to clean a Slim Tube BTE like this one, this is a ReSound Air, you need to use a very small wire. This wire should have come with your hearing aid – if it didn’t talk to your Audiologist. It doesn’t take much wax to plug up this

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Changing A DOT Hearing Aid Wax Guard

Transcript: From time to time, you need to change the wax guard – behind the tip of the hearing aid. You do that by removing the tip – it’s just like a sock or a sleeve – it comes right off. Then you can see the ring. In this case

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Cleaning a DOT Hearing Aid

Transcript: Okay so, a lot of different hearing aids come with a cleaning tool. This is probably the most popular style. There’s 3 parts to this cleaning tool. You have a brushed end, you have a wax loop, and you also have a magnet on the end. We’re gonna demonstrate

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Harmony Hearing & Audiology TV Spot

Transcript: My hearing aid has changed my life entirely. I thought that the technology was very helpful in getting the right hearing aid for me. I had been to other places and the technology was not as advanced as it was here at Harmony Hearing. Dr. Perry is knowledgeable, but

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Introduction to Harmony Hearing & Audiology

Transcript: Hi, this is Dr. Matt Perry, audiologist and owner of Harmony Hearing & Audiology in the Festival at Bel Air. If you’re like most people who stumble upon this website, you – or perhaps a loved one – is experiencing some degree of hearing difficulty and you’re looking for

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